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Emergency  Medical Support 

Loxley supports patients globally who operate on the path less travelled 24/7


The Loxley team have unique experience in dealing with the on-going medical care for those who are based overseas or who have developed health issues while abroad.


We have managed expatriate residents health needs, either by sourcing the best medical opinions for them virtually or in-person in the UK. In addition we have specific experience in managing clients who have been injured overseas, especially those with complex trauma injuries, including from areas of conflict.


These can be challenging cases with multiple complex health needs that need to be addressed and co-ordinated. Loxley will ensure you get the best and are supported through out your healthcare journey.

Case 1

A journalist was injured overseas in the course of their work. They suffered very complicated injuries requiring 10 different medical specialties. Loxley was able to source the best opinions for each area, co-ordinate their interventions and host multi-disciplinary team meetings to ensure all the client’s needs were met holistically. The Loxley team ensured  by sourcing the right people and managing the process the best and quickest recovery was achieved. Loxley acted as the clinical contact point for the client throughout his difficult road to regaining his well-being. 


Case 2

A client living overseas was looking for advice about problems with his knee. The local health system was not suitable for care and the client did not have confidence in it or other regional options. We sourced two world-class opinions for the client which were delivered initially virtually and then in person when the client was in the UK on business.   

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